Swimming pools

Civic swimming pool at night

Britta Giersche_Swimming pool at night10The civic swimming pool belongs to a council in South East London. It is open throughout the winter and attracts a small group of swimmers in the evenings when the vapor from the heated pool hovers visibly over the water’s surface. In the artificial light, the pool’s tiled edge and safety strips with the plastic items left at its side create a dramatic presence which contrasts strangely with the misty blue rising from the pool itself. More photographs >

Disused paddling pool

Britta Giersche_disused paddling pool1This paddling pool is located in a play area near the community hall in Saint Léonard de Noblat. I photographed it first in the winter and then in the following summer when I realised it had fallen out of use after the council had built a new outdoor swimming pool complex. The paddling pool has become a collecting tank for brown pine needles that are submerged under water, on the surface of which you can make out the reflection of the leafy trees surrounding the area. More photographs >

Disused swimming pool

Britta Giersche_Disused swimming pool1I photographed this lido in Saint-Maurin, a small village in the department of Lot-et-Garonne. The municipal government had filled the pool basin with concrete rubble after they had decided to close the swimming pool down – supposedly to avoid accidents from people falling in. The fence around it is flimsy and easy to surmount. In the summer, weeds grow in between the cracks of the debris. More photographs >

Paddling pool in winter

Britta Giersche_Paddling pool in winter6In the winter, the rainwater in the paddling pool in Saint Léonard de Noblat freezes over, trapping autumnal leaves underneath the ice. Branches from the pine trees bordering the area drop onto it. No-one visits here in the winter. It is very still. More photographs >