Shapes and light

britta-giersche_street5Over the last year or so, I have been looking at the colour photography of Harry Gruyaert. He famously said: ‘There is no story. It’s just a question of shapes and light.‘ I like the ambition and rigorousness in his street photography and have fun, trying to get close to his visual stance. These are some images from that exercise. More photographs >

The fun is over

crw_0247This is a collection of pictures of balls – discarded, kicked over the fence or into the pond, chewed up by dogs or plainly forgotten. More photographs >


Britta Giersche_Hochhaus0I am interested in places – I like how the space and the objects contained within it bear witness to the people who occupy them and allow for an interpretation of historical, social or psychological behaviour. My photographs are one of many possible stories that could emerge from the spaces I document. Places projects >

Seeing the light in SE

Seeing the Light in SE_9_Britta GIerscheThese are photographs I took of religious signage in my South East London neighbourhood. More photographs >

Someone ought to pick that up

Britta Giersche_Someone ought to-6In On Photography Susan Sontag said: ‘Photography is essentially an act of non-intervention.’ She was talking about situations where the photographer has the choice between a photograph and life and chooses the photograph. ‘Someone ought to pick that up’ is a tongue-in-cheek response to Sontag’s troubling reflection: when encountering a fallen object shouldn’t the photographer pick it up rather than take a snap? The photos were also taken with a play on my Germanness in mind as Germans are meant to be orderly people who can’t abide mess. And finally, the series attests to the affective power of gravity, which can produce humour or tragedy. More photographs >

Swimming pools

Britta Giersche_Swimming pool at night5I am intrigued by swimming pools; they make a great backdrop for all sorts of stories. Think, for example, of the swimming pool as a great bath where the water is used to purify and renew the bathers, or of the swimming pool as a hallmark for a modern American way of life as painted by David Hockney. As a photographer, I am attracted to the pools’ blue tiles and paints; they provide a rich theme for visual storytelling.  Swimming pool projects >

White images

Britta Giersche_Bright images#11

Coming from a Fine Art background in drawing and watercolour painting, I am interested in the white of the paper. White images is an ongoing project in which I look into how the materiality of the white background could be used in colour photography. I am exploring exposure levels to create bright tonal images that are configured in a dialogue with the white background. More photographs >